The Ancient History of Artemis and Arktoi

The Arktoi (“ärk-ˈtoi̯”) were the young students of ancient Greek moon goddess Artemis. According to lore (and referenced in text from 412 BC), the cult of “she bears” resides in the sacred city Brauron of Attica, a central location for Artemis worship, abundant with temples and other sites of spiritual significance. There, the “arkteia” lived in a sanctuary, delving into music, artisanry, dancing and other practices rooted in the deep knowledge of esoteric magick. Wearing wild masks and animal-esqe outfits, the “arkteia” were distinctly androgynous and connected strongly to Nature, otherwise known as:

Little She-bears in Ritual Wildness

Artemis did not preside over the wilderness but acted more as a protector, in harmony with the forest and mountains, within a self-sustaining community of women. Her symbolic “virginity” was, in many lights, considered as a silent implication of a queer sexuality. Regardless of orientation specultation in art and literature, Artemis is considered a prime feminist icon in the mythological pantheon due to her refusal to participate in the subservient “feminine”. She represented an undoubted alternative to social conditioning while honoring the organic connections and support systems of women’s experiences. No matter the time frame and context, Artemis represents free expression and gender liberation whilst having an awareness of the dangers outside of her realm.

Artemis also strongly encompassed many other aspects of the main Greek Goddesses… She was sensual in an esoteric eroticism separate from the lavish flirtations of Aphrodite. She facilitated communal systems based on trust and balance with the Earth rather than the strategic political prowess and competition of Athena. With “mama bear” protection, though less explosive and strict than the likes of Hera, midwives and children were integral to groups based in Artemis worship.

The purpose of the Arktoi was to allow young girls to have a period of “ritual wildness”, to decide what path they would like to take whilst entering the stages of puberty. Whether these students took up a life of marriage and motherhood, or creativity and career, or something else altogether, the spirit of being “wild and free” would be embedded in their emotional and intelligent make-up to inform their true sense of intuition with a connection to the Greater Cosmic energies of the Moons and Seasons.

“In Everything”

Fast forward to 2020. There is deep solace found in the individualistic study of Moon energy, the decades long steep of neo-Pagan practices, guidance of worldwide divine deities who speak to those seeking to break from oppression and negative programming. As information and intuition is networked, the Arktoi as a symbol of Sisterhood in spirituality, and even safety, becomes relevant. 

“En” (meaning “in”) + “Alt” (meaning “everything”), Arktoi En Alt subscribes to a dedication of growing, learning, connecting and honoring the intuitive nature within that raises morale and friendship as a global femme energy. In this, we also stand by certain ideologies that we feel encourages true community:

Our Cornerstones


We believe in fairness towards all people; there are many different forms of fem-energy, not solely experienced by just female-identifying individuals; and there are many different ways to encompass feminine fire and spirituality.

Safe(r) Spaces

We believe in supporting each other; respecting boundaries; eschewing social constructs of jealousy and greed; giving and receiving empathetic compassion; finding gentle approaches even in radical honesty.

Creativity as Energy

We believe that creativity, whether in an artistic medium, problem solving, communication, or base flourishes of our environments can help facilitate healing; energy is important and valuable.


Temporarily put on hold due to COVID-19, some events will be rescheduled.

WUSSY Market

November 22, 2020

Ammazza 11AM-3PM

Coven Concoctionary

Private group demonstrations in herb work, kitchen witchery, & small scale shop experience.

Symposium release

Zine Event – Samhain 2020


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