Through the Darkness of Future Past

2020 did not turn out as anyone expected… The understatement of understatements. Unless you are some kind of psychic, no one saw this massively disruptive (albeit reflective) year a-coming. And forward, no one truly knows what the Future holds. What we do know are certain alignments from the Past. This Eve finds Future/Past doing aContinue reading “Through the Darkness of Future Past”

New or Just Wearing a Different Mask?

For the past few weeks, we have walked through many doors, none of which have entirely shut behind us.   Halloween’s Taurus Blue Full Moon rang in the ancestral ties of Samhain and Day of the Dead, honoring not just the thinning veil to the Other Side, but a deeper reflection of historical distress heavy onContinue reading “New or Just Wearing a Different Mask?”

The Lady is a Vamp

In imbalance, Venus becomes Vampiric… Obstructing reason with obsession, taking and never giving, the Earthly material aspects of her gifts (luxuries, money, attraction, attention, sex) metamorphs into addiction. Libra is ruled by Venus, a Planetary Goddess whose cliches of Love and Beauty turn monstrous if She succumbs to Dark Desire. The Libra New Moon, amongContinue reading “The Lady is a Vamp”

Fire Walk With Me

Reflections on the Aries Full Moon on October 1st, consequently also stationed in Mars during its Retrograde: Aries is, in so many ways, a Warrior Goddess. Her reactionary tendencies can be that of a wounded wild animal, a victim ready to attack. It’s important to look at how we define Anger outside of mere defensiveness.Continue reading “Fire Walk With Me”

Shadow, Take Me Down With You

When Zeus secretly allowed the abduction of Persephone, trafficked from a flower field and dragged to the depths of the Underworld, the terrified Earth-Mother Demeter searched the lands in agony, leaving the crops without her nourishment and attendance. Realizing the err of this arrangement as the food supply withered, Zeus demanded his daughter’s return fromContinue reading “Shadow, Take Me Down With You”

Like A Dream, Glides Away…

As known, Full Moons magickally function to release or heal, and the heavy Pisces haze, arriving pre-Autumn-Equinox in the Harvest-season, is ripe for inner child work.  September’s Full Corn Moon snuggled up in dreamy Pisces early this AM at 1:22 EST tapping into our subconscious sleep sectors and creative cores alike. The deep waters ofContinue reading “Like A Dream, Glides Away…”

Late Summer Lioness in Leisure

Welcome to our Museletter.  We are living in a strange time of conflict and chaos, under a reign of terror and abuse of power,  and finding the balances of our lives shifting dramatically under the rearrangements that have of COVID-19. When the idea for this collective began, we never imagined we’d ever experience anything ofContinue reading “Late Summer Lioness in Leisure”