Currently calling for original and adapted recipes for Concoctionary Cookbook #2

with a focus on warm-to-cool weather fare, seasonal Summer & Fall foods, “tea time”, etc. Each digital zine within the Concoctionary series aims to support a worthy cause; in 2021, we will be donating all sales to Nourish Botanica, a Black-owned greenhouse eatery in Atlanta, GA.


The Grateful Veg

Focused on vegetarian and vegan comfort foods, perfect for the autumnal and winter months, our first cookbook, released on the Winter Solstice of 2020. We researched a plethora of ‘60s and ‘70s hippie dippie cookbooks for inspiration and foraged a forest of files for delectable vintage illustrations to include with this edition. Contributions include Mother Brother, Va Va Veggie, Rachel Grace Blanton, Nova Terata, Valerie Culkin, Carolyn H, Nik and more.

Focusing on the Joy of combining different elements to create a new creation all together, whether a recipe or a spell, Concoctionary is a cozy collection of the delightful and useful, aimed to enrich or enhance one’s experiences.

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Looking at the Big Sky

Eclipse season is in action, driving more intensity, especially to those who are Moonie-minded.  Though receiving a break from ritual work, tool charging and beyond, this unique astrological time frame is not just a Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius during the Sag-Gemini axis, it is a Blood Supermoon with a total lunar eclipse. In orderContinue reading “Looking at the Big Sky”

Pink Supermoon, See You Soon

Happiest Monday, Moonies! A little over a year ago, during my midday walk in Oakland cemetery, I remember being keenly aware of the air. I was always one to relish in the breeze, pondering where it traveled, like an invisible dragon between the mammoth rosemary bushes and graves of yonder years. Yet as I lookedContinue reading “Pink Supermoon, See You Soon”

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