MoonAge HoliDayDream

This is the first year in many that we aren’t hosting our “Tropical Winter” shindig full of frothy fruity drinks and tacky holiday sweaters. Sparked by a colleague’s song, alluding to global warming (or Southern hemisphere surfin’ Santas), the event served as a ridiculous “adulthood” re-imagining of an alternate reality “holiday party”, no skimping onContinue reading “MoonAge HoliDayDream”

The Lady is a Vamp

In imbalance, Venus becomes Vampiric… Obstructing reason with obsession, taking and never giving, the Earthly material aspects of her gifts (luxuries, money, attraction, attention, sex) metamorphs into addiction. Libra is ruled by Venus, a Planetary Goddess whose cliches of Love and Beauty turn monstrous if She succumbs to Dark Desire. The Libra New Moon, amongContinue reading “The Lady is a Vamp”


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Musings around every New and Full Moon re: ties between history, culture, cycles, kindred, magick, intention. With a focus on the Arts and an exploration on Archetypes.

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